Quakers Today

In November we premiered the first episode of Quakers Today, the companion podcast to Friends Journal. It is sponsored by Quaker Voluntary Service. So far I have produced and released two episodes.

Quakers and Fiction

Quakers and Redemption

Each episode is only 15 minutes long plus an add on of listener comments and responses to questions I raise in the previous episode. Right now I am working on a episode about Quakers and Reparations.

What I enjoy about these types of shows and episodes is that I learn something, in fact sometimes many things, with each episode.

If you want to answer our monthly question or leave a voicemail just saying hi, go right ahead. Details below.

Our question is inspired by Jeff Hitchock’s essay Quakers and Reparations for Slavery and Jim Crow. It appeared in the June 2008 issue of Friends Journal. Hitchcock opens his article, “Out of the silence a woman asked, ‘Why don’t Friends take reparations more seriously? It’s the kind of issue Quakers take on.’”  In his piece Hitchock asks more questions about reparations. What are Reparations? Why are Reparations a Quaker Issue? How Does Reparations Work Benefit Quakers? What can Quakers do?

What about you? What are your thoughts, feelings, and questions about reparations?Leave a voice memo with your name and the town where you live. The number to call is 317-QUAKERS, that’s 317-782-5377


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