Quaker Hell–A Definition

All those years in Pentecostal Holiness Churches I heard lots of sermons about hell with vivid descriptions of the tortures, despair, and pain inflicted upon sinners forever and ever. As Pastor Dave warned us: It is a dangerous thing to fall into the hands of an angry god, (who apparently was unwilling or unable to end the torture of the people he loved so much.)

Now I am a Quaker. Quakers don’t really talk about a future in hell. We talk about injustice today–hell on earth for many who often face relentless oppression. Quakers also talk about impending doom from fracking, GMO’s, and the Koch Brothers. But sometimes I find myself wondering what an Quaker hell might be, the place of torments that will terrify the many North American Quakers I know. Below are some possible hellish scenarios for Quakers. I’d love to hear yours.

Quaker Hell: Where there is an eternity of announcements.

Quaker Hell: Where they only serve meat, wheat, and dairy. On Styrofoam

Quaker Hell: Where there is the constant droning of a gas-p0wered lawnmower in the background, they serve Maxwell House® coffee purchased at Walmart, and you are all alone; there is no one around to criticize.



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