Prescott’s Climate Links #1

Welcome to a NEW regular feature of this blog–Prescott’s Climate Links. Prescott Allen Hazelton is a team member focusing primarily (but not exclusively) on climate change related topics. In addition to providing us links to the most current news on climate change, he also keeps his eyes open for any climate action news that also ties in LGBTQ issues, environmental justice, and faith communities.

Of the scores of links that Prescott sends me weekly (he is a busy bee) I select a handful of what I think are the most important and interesting. Hopefully the curated content will help in your own learning. And it will not be all gloom and doom. While it is important that we honestly face the serious of the current climate before us, we also need to remind ourselves that it is not hopeless. There is still time and there are lots of  people seeking solutions to stave off the crisis and to adapt as it worsens.

Three Climate Links

Americans are Outliers when it Comes to Climate Change This article also has a great graph that reveals that Great Britain and Canada are not far behind Americans in our lack of concern about climate change. Discover which world citizens are most concerned about the climate crisis.

As President Obama sets out to convince the public that climate change requires immediate attention, he has his work cut out for him.
New York Times by Megan Thee-Brenan


The Change Within: The Obstacles we Face are not just External This is an excellent, thoughtful, insightful, informed, and inspiring essay which is also beautifully written. I suggest a cup of tea, a quiet space, and ten minutes to read and reflect.

Another part of what makes climate change so very difficult for us to grasp is that ours is a culture of the perpetual present, one that deliberately severs itself from the past that created us as well as the future we are shaping with our actions. Climate change is about how what we did generations in the past will inescapably affect not just the present, but generations in the future. These time frames are a language that has become foreign to most of us. by Naomi Klein


Using Weather to Deliver a Climate Change Message Meteorologists are among the most trusted sources in the news business, yet many have been climate deniers. This is changing.

Jim Gandy is the chief meteorologist on WLTX in Columbia, S.C., and makes a point of incorporating links between bad weather and climate change into his daily broadcasts.

“In Columbia, the only thing that separates us from hell in the summertime is a screen door,’’ he said in an interview. “And all of the climate models indicate that it’s going to get worse if we don’t do something about it.”
New York Times by Coral Davenport


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