A prank phone call to my very uptight former self

If you had the technology to make a phone call to someone in the past, who would you call? Why would you call? To change the course of history? To help someone in a time of need? To go back to fix a relationship? Well, in the magical world of my Bubble&Squeak podcast I actually possess this amazing technology. What do I do with it? I totally squander it by making random prank phone calls to people in the past. In Ep One Naked Mugging, I make a prank phone call to an American general store sometime during World War II. I ask for tofu and kombucha and totally confuse the clerk, Elijah Hembach.

Claire Vaye Watkins

In my latest episode I actually make a prank phone call to myself in 1987 when I was 22 years old living in New York City desperately trying to rid myself of pesky homosexual desires. Maybe it is because people ask me all the time, “If you were able to speak to your former self when you were in the middle of all that conversion therapy, what would you say?” Ha! They don’t know how relentlessly oppositional I was during that time. I had no patience for anyone who did not speak the Conservative Christian party line. I’ll let you hear for yourself what happens when I call my former self.

Also in this episode I share excerpts from an interview I had with writer Claire Vaye Watkins. She is the award winning author of shorts stories and novels. She may be the most honest person I know when speaking about climate change. She says, “…when I’m writing about climate, it goes right to suicide…I don’t know how to understand this current moment. We have the science; we have the knowledge…but we continue to do it. That seems as a species a suicidal impulse.” When writing her cli-fi book, Gold Fame Citrus, she discovered her imagination could not outpace reality. She kept trying to imagine wacky ideas to address climate, water shortages, and weather only to discovered it already happened in real life.

Finally, I share a sound slice from Mexico. When traveling, most people take photos, I do too, but I also take audio. I hold up the recorder and capture a sound scape. This one is filled with tropical birds, a very persistent preacher, and some Spanish heavy metal music.

Have a listen to Slingshot Dynamite

Featured Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash


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