“Peterson asks us to consider the radical notion of hope for the future. With characteristic humour, realistic projection, and an inspired use of Zoom features, we are invited to look at our present world from the perspective of an entirely imaginable attractive future. This unique way of addressing the practical challenges of climate change is unlike anything I have seen before.

Shirley McMillan, Irish author

After the Coronavirus Pandemic forced the Richmond Friends annual retreat on-line, they asked if I could perform one of my shows via Zoom. I explained the new platform requires new work. Zoom provides a stage where audiences can engage with a performer and the performance. It also demands performers create material that is designed for the audience. In this case, I custom designed, OK Zoomer! a new play just for Richmond Friends. 

The performance exceeded their expectations and deeply affirmed them as a community and the work they have been doing around justice, human rights, ecology, environmental racism, and climate change. I realized I could customize the show for other groups: schools, universities, conferences, and organizations.

Weeks before the performance, I began to work with the even organizers to learn about the community and individuals. I was curious about people who have made contributions to make their community and the world a better place. This included people in the group and the region. I asked them to include people who have since died or moved away from the community and notable organizations and initiatives. I also asked them to tell me about young people who have already signaled their interests in taking their part in addressing local and global issues. In addition to sending me information about these people, they sent me images of people, places, logos, and things easily recognizable.

With all of this information, I customized the performance, including a 10 minute film I showcased in the center of the performance. Using other interactive on-line tools in Zoom and outside of it, they saw the data they gave me come to life.

Explaining a performance is no fun. You need to see it to understand how it works and how it might work for your group. To view the performance, contact me.

Use Password: Unicorn

Inspiring and interactive, Peterson's amazing Zoom presentations always live up to my high expectations. Thank you, Peterson, for your creativity, your engaging vision, and for challenging us via your incredible array of Zoom techniques to connect people not only with one another but also with pressing climate issues needing our urgent attention and global action.

Elizabeth Kamphausen
, Zoom Audience Member