“Artists like me have something in common with students, staff, and faculty who promote sustainability:

We need to make the invisible, visible.”

Peterson Toscano

Peterson helps audiences envision a better, more sustainable future.

Through comedy, storytelling, and inspiring success stories, performance artist Peterson Toscano, hones in on a gallon of gasoline–where it comes from, where it goes once combusted, and the many different ways it weighs on us all. He also unearths how campus sustainability leaders change systems. These system changes affect the entire campus community long after the student leaders graduate.

Be moved and inspired

Experiencing Peterson’s wildly creative, hilarious, and informative presentation, sustainability leaders are affirmed in the work they are doing.  They are inspired to even bigger and bolder action as they hear examples of campuses forever changed because of the dedicated and strategic work of small groups of people taking on big systems.



It's not hard to see why Peterson's been successful engaging people across backgrounds in some interesting and important discussions. The discussions and followups were thoughtful and productive. He challenged some of our notions and approaches in intelligent ways and got the office thinking in some exciting new directions.

David Heithaus
, Director of Green Initiatives, Kenyon College


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About Peterson Toscano

Peterson speaks to environmentalist and non-environmentalists about climate change, sustainability, and environmental justice. He is the curator of the Climate Stew website, which through articles, video, and audio takes a serious look at global warming without scaring the snot out of you. He is also the host of Citizens Climate Radio.

He speaks regularly at sustainability events and has been hosted by sustainability groups at many campuses and conferences including Penn State, Dickinson College, University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point, Washington College, Florida State University, Swarthmore College, New York University, The AASHE Sustainability Retreat, State of New York Sustainability Conference, Southeastern EcoReps Conference, Green Allies Conference, and the Citizens Climate International Conference.


Peterson Toscano led a transformative lunch-time discussion exploring the intersection between race, justice, and climate change, focusing on environmental racism in disaster relief efforts. From beginning to end, Peterson made Bates students feel welcomed, supported, and hopeful - a task nearly impossible when discussing the climate crisis. Peterson Toscano, a true beam of light, touched hearts and minds as he equipped Bates students with the rhetorical tactics and perspective necessary to create a more equitable world, and for that we are so thankful!

Zsofia Duarte
, Bates College Student, Environmental Politics major


Peterson's unique history and experiences along with his method of delivery created a fantastic and engaging experience for our students, faculty and staff, as well as local community members. His ability to weave an engaging message about religion, gender & sexual identity, & climate change is a great opportunity to take a holistic and creative lens to how all these issues are interconnected and woven together. If you are considering bringing him to you campus stop considering and just do it, you are sure not to be disappointed.

Dave Barbier
, Sustainability Coordinator at University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point


Peterson Toscano is uniquely able to reach out to people through the power of story and comedy to bring a listener through the stages of denial, anger, bargaining, and depression all the way to inspiration and action. Even better, he is fun and engaging and highlights the value to be found in understanding and engaging with people with a different backgrounds and perspectives. The world would be a better place if everyone could listen to Peterson for an hour."

Nathaniel Graf
, Harvard Graduate Student, former Climate Action Senior Fellow, Office of Sustainability, Swarthmore College