An engaging, interactive on-line workshop that guides you to deeply explore your personal relationship with Climate Change
as you pursue your purpose on this rapidly changing planet.

     In this interactive on-line Zoom workshop, Peterson Toscano, host of Citizens Climate Radio, helps you explore your passions and how they relate to climate change and climate action.
     You will find your understanding of yourself deepen as you get a clearer vision about the road ahead. Through a mind-expanding time-travel exercise, you will free up your imagination and consider new solutions.
     Participants walk away with fresh ideas, feeling affirmed about what they care about most, and with a new sense of purpose. Peterson, a skilled facilitator, has led workshops at universities, conferences, places of worship, and for climate advocates in the USA, Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Norway.

Sometimes you bump into someone who, it’s clear, has worked hard to unbridle their heart from the status quo, predictable, unsurprising way of doing things. You expect them to do creative things — to make new worlds — on the stage, on the canvas, on an instrument, on the field. Peterson Toscano does it with Zoom. With flare, with color, with composure, with prowess: Peterson takes the seemingly 2-dimensional realm of a Zoom call and uses it to weave the world anew.

Aram Mitchell
, Executive Director Renewal in the Wilderness
Each workshop is custom designed for the audience and can accommodate small, medium, and large groups up to 300 participants. Here is the workshop Peterson led for Citizens Climate Lobby volunteers at their International On-Line Conference in December 2020

See a shorter sample of Peterson in action on Zoom

Peterson Toscano’s Presentation from The BTS Center on Vimeo.

Some venues that have hosted Peterson’s workshops, Citizens Climate International Conference, Friends Gender Conference, AASHE Retreat, American Public Health Association, Woodbrooke Quaker Centre, Creating Change Conference, People Climate March Teach-In 2014, Friends Council for National Legislation FCNL Spring Lobby Days, Green Allies Conference, Interfaith Power and Light, University of Hawaii, College of Charleston, Bentley University, Temple Beth El Center, and more

It's not hard to see why Peterson's been successful engaging people across backgrounds in some interesting and important discussions. The discussions and followups were thoughtful and productive. He challenged some of our notions and approaches in intelligent ways and got the office thinking in some exciting new directions.

David Heithaus
, Director of Green Initiatives, Kenyon College

Inspiring and interactive, Peterson's amazing Zoom presentations always live up to my high expectations. Thank you, Peterson, for your creativity, your engaging vision, and for challenging us via your incredible array of Zoom techniques to connect people not only with one another but also with pressing climate issues needing our urgent attention and global action.

Elizabeth Kamphausen
, Zoom Audience Member

Peterson Toscano is uniquely able to reach out to people through the power of story and comedy to bring a listener through the stages of denial, anger, bargaining, and depression all the way to inspiration and action. Even better, he is fun and engaging and highlights the value to be found in understanding and engaging with people with a different backgrounds and perspectives. The world would be a better place if everyone could listen to Peterson for an hour."

Nathaniel Graf
, Harvard Graduate Student, former Climate Action Senior Fellow, Office of Sustainability, Swarthmore College