Waking Up From a Biblically Induced Coma

Discussing the effects of Religious Abuse and a path to Recovery

Homo No Mo?!?
Drawing on his long personal conflict between his Christian faith and his gay orientation, Peterson Toscano offers this talk about faith issues, orientation, and the healthy integration of self.

Peterson’s journey out of the closet had been long and complicated. As a Conservative Evangelical Christian, he felt he had no other choice than to rid himself of his same-sex attractions. Eventually he came to a place where he understood the nature of his struggle more keenly and discovered how to be authentic as a Christian, as a gay man, as an artist, as himself. Performing excerpts from his original one-person comedies, he shares both his journey and the key steps needed to emerge as an integrated person.

This presentation is essential for people who have experienced religious oppression and are looking for steps forward. How do we overcome Bible abuse? What tools and strategies help in facing our pasts and forging a new future? How do we extract ourselves from religious oppressive communities and still have faith? These questions and more explored and answered in this thoughtful and moving presentation.

(75 minutes which includes time for discussion and Q&A)

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In a word, Peterson is phenomenal. I was hooked in fifteen minutes. I sat there, watching him bring moments of scripture to life in ways I had not considered, and scrambled to figure out how soon I could bring him to my campus. It turns out, he’s even more delightful in person. His compassion matched by conviction and a wickedly smart sense of humor, a rare combination, make interactions with Peterson memorable, uplifting, and often life-changing.

Jennifer G Bird, PhD
, Bible scholar, speaker, and author. www.permissiongrantedthebook.com


A brilliant theologian and playwright, the work of Peterson Toscano not only shifted my own connection to biblical texts, but helped me reimagine how working within communities of faith might be possible. A necessary artist to know for LGBTQ activists, environmentalists, faith leaders and humans everywhere.

J Mase III
, poet. educator. founder of awQward.