Polar Bear Fatigue. Queer Reasons to Address Climate Change?

It’s weird. I’m not an environmentalist, but I am concerned about climate change, and I think it is because I am gay. This may not make any sense to anyone, but I know about people coming up with false science in order to push a political agenda. For years anti-LGBTQ folks have either fabricated or distorted “scholarship” to slander LGBTQ, insist that our feelings and lives are immoral and unnatural, and to try to convince people that Change is Possible.

I can relate to climate change being this offensive thing that a group of people want to ignore, bash, or legislate out of the discussion. And honestly I grow tired of how many environmentalist talk about climate change. I mean some of my best friends are environmentalists. They are passionate and committed. But their arguments of why we should engage in climate action do not motivate me at all. Now talk about coffee as an endangered specie, yeah, you have my attention.

Save the Coffee Bean

This wakes me up better than a double espresso!

In order to develop other talking points about why we should engage in climate action, I surveyed a bunch of people, asking, Besides the polar bears and future generations, why do you think we should act on climate change? I talked to mostly teenagers but some adults too, and I had some of my favorite characters chime in including my newest character, a British pensioner living in Spain (but she has yet to tell us her name.)

Through the conversations I came up with a very queer reason to act to address climate change, one that may not come to mind to most people right away–the plight of transgender, queer, gender queer, bisexual, lesbian, and gay homeless youth and adults in times of extreme weather events like hurricanes, floods, and heatwaves.

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Episode 27 of The Stew

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Many voices fill my head. Good thing I have a mic to record them all.


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