Playful and Profound: Podcasts for Every Coronavirus Mood

Audio Explosion

The first podcast I heard must have been around 2004 or 2005. This was during the infancy of the medium when podcasting became an audio version of blogging, which had taken off with platforms like Blogger and Live Journal.

Joe Gee, a gay Quaker with excellent music taste and even better comic timing, caught my ear with his odd-ball take on everyday life and the sarcasm that infused each episode of Beppepocast. Joe introduced me to The Flatus Show by Kentie, which was like an adult audio version of Pee Wee’s Playhouse.

Through the years I have enjoyed TransPonder Podcast, which was produced by two women who talked about their transition and all of the cool geeky stuff they like.

Of course I hurled myself at all of these podcasters using whichever charming or annoying character they would take. I must have appeared on at least 12 podcast episodes in character before I actually spoke with my own voice.

Zack Ford, now a famous queer and political blogger, was still a relatively little known public atheist blogger, when we decided to produce the Queer & Queerer Podcast. Zack did all the technical aspects of the show, but by 2014 I was ready to get behind the control panel when I launched Climate Stew.

And now?? Now I am a podcasting fool.

If you are looking for current LGBTQ themed podcasts, The Advocate has compiled a list of 12 notable shows.

Also check out this new episode of Transformation Thursday

Plenty of Podcasts

If you are looking for a podcast to entertain or enlighten you (or both) during the Corona crisis, I have four different podcasts I produce. You can find them wherever you get podcasts. Here are the most recent episodes.

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