On the Eve of a Protest

In the morning in Colorado Springs Christine Bakke & I will join hundreds of thousands of people in the US & beyond for public demonstrations denouncing the recent state bans on marriage for same-sex couples in CA, AZ and FL and the ban on adoption by gay and lesbian couples (& single people) in Arkansas. We also denounce violence against all sexual minorities.

I refuse to see us treated as second class citizens. We are tired of hiding out and putting up with the lies & fears & ignorance of some religous leaders who impose their sexuality on us. When we choose to walk in integrity about our orientation, they agressively seek to punish us and legislate against us.

We already have the right to marry regardless if the state & church acknowledge and affirm our right. We have the right to build a family, to pursue our dreams, to love deeply, and to walk hand in hand with whomever we please without the threat of violence. How insulting to have to ask permission for these. We stand together to affirm our rights. We will not be marginalized.

I lived for over 2 decades terrified of my sexuality. I shrank back in shame defering to other people’s low opinions of me and my kind. I lived in doubt of my sexual desires, demonized them, and sank to the expectations and assumptions of those who bullied me. I lived under the weight of heterosexual superiority. I consumed hatred towards LGBT people that I learned on the playground, from the pulpit & in the press. I silenced myself and hid whole parts of me in order to please others who felt uncomfortable with an orientation foreign to them.

I feel no shame about myself today & do not give anyone permission to treat me shamefully.

We have far too many real problems in the world that demand our attention. It is time that anti-gay people get over their disrespect and opposition to LGBT people. I don’t demand or expect they will like us,but I insist that the law treats us fairly. Together we will come out & we will not disappear.


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