An Oklahoma Oil Town Embraces Wind Energy

Grant Samms

Who doesn’t like a good story about how a town filled with a long Conservative history is offered something new and they run with it? When Grant Samms told me about his time in Woodward, OK, I knew I needed to interview him for my monthly show. He’s a brilliant storyteller with a great story to tell.

He explains how this Western Oklahoma town, which was founded because of oil extraction, found a way to add wind energy to their portfolio. Grant expected to find conflict between the established oil folks and outsiders pushing liberal green renewable energy. Instead he found that the identity of the citizens and their sense of place opened the door for them to try something different. To them it was an extension of who they are as energy produces and providers.

Click below for a short clip of Grant explaining what he discovered

Chantal Bilodeau

In the show I also chat with playwright, Chantal Bilodeau. She adores the Arctic, and how she describes its vast openness and raw beauty, I imagine she draws lots of her audiences to consider this distant, cold world. She told me about the need for good art in talking about climate change. It’s not about debate, but about understanding the problem and our  possible responses. She also works hard to connect artists doing climate work with each other.

Click below to hear Chantal share insights about theater and art.

Every month I produce an episode of Citizens’ Climate Radio. It is not your typical climate change podcast. I also include an artist, like Chantal, and we focus on stories and solutions. Have a listen to the full interviews with Grant and Chantal.


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