Oh, Geez. My own Bigger Love play in Geez Magazine

In 2019 I set the goal to learn out to write and produce radio dramas. After taking an on-line course in Dublin, Ireland. As part of the class I had to write the first act of a play and create character sketches. That took a long time, maybe three months to get right, but from there the play took off.

The play is set in New York City in the year 2028. The main characters, Kyle and Joey, are a couple with a lot of tension in their relationship because of all the queer friends they took into their one bedroom apartment after yet another storm hit the city. One of them wants to do more while the other just wants to leave the city immediately. While the topic is serious, the playfulness of the couple and the sexual tension between them comes rises to the surface.

For Climate Change Theatre Action, I submitted the first act as a stand-alone play, and it was read at events in North America and Europe during the fall 2019. Then while I was activist in residence at Susquehanna University, I asked two students, Jordan Sanderson and Israel Collazo, to read the play for me to record.

That is when the fun began! I added all sorts of sound effects to create a NYC soundscape. I included it in Decembers Bubble&Squeak show. The play was also published in Geez Magazine. They included it in an excellent issue about hospitality.

You can read the play here or listen to it.

Featured Photo by Alessandro De Bellis on Unsplash


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