Off to Indiana

I fly off to Indiana today for a week of performances, community connections and no doubt some surprises. First stop is Portland, IN, a small town with a new Gay Straight Alliance at the local high school. The group is sponsoring an event tomorrow night that will feature Christian singer and recently out gay man Ray Boltz. Ray’s ex-wife, Carol, has been a friend for several years now when she first contacted me to say that her husband came out gay. She has spoken out passionately and with dignity about the experience of being the wife of an ex-gay and the process of ending that relationship and moving on. Check out her blog.

Our performance is slated to be protested by some area Christians. Hmm, Christians protesting Christians–so Third Century! But having been someone who struggled with gay ssues for many years, seeing being gay a conflict with my Christian faith, I do understand some of the opposition, the fear and the misinformation. Hopefully some of us can talk together sanely and respectfully. Tim and Cindy, some of the lead organizers have been steadfast straight allies and have engaged many folks in the community for the past few years. This performance is in large part a result of their fine work.

After Portland I have a day or two to just hang, so Indiana friends let’s get together! Then I head to Earlham College on Tuesday for a show on Wednesday–a variety show of sorts. It will be great to be back at this Quaker college (although I think most of the folks are not Quaker). I get to see Jay, a young Friend from my home meeting. Yay! Hopefully I will get to see Oliver Danni and awesome Friend from the Queer Quaker group. ze is someone who has helped me to better understand transgender issues as ze has shared his experience openly. Such a gift.

You can check out my performance schedule to learn about the Indiana appearances and upcoming performances in the Pacific North West and New England.


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  1. Tim Morris on October 26, 2009 at 3:22 am

    Your stay with us has been incredibly refreshing. I can’t tell you how wonderfully our spirits have been lifted.
    To those readers that would consider having Peterson for your event, diversity education for your school or dinner for that matter, book him now.

  2. p2son on October 26, 2009 at 11:39 am

    Tim, what a delight to spend time with you and your family. Feels like home. Hope my Quaker vegan artist lifestyle wasn’t too much to bear 😛

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