Now for some Queer Climate Change Memes

I have gotten involved with a new group, Queers for the Climate, which is organizing to take part in the big People’s Climate March on September 20 and 21 in New York City. While lots of LGBTQ people have shown real concern for environmental issues, recycling, and buying eco-friendly products, when it comes to Global Warming, I find that many of my queer peers seem to live on another planet, one that does not see the possible extinction of humans along with a bunch of other species. That is changing, and it is a good thing because we come to the table with lots of experience and skills to help us address Climate Change as the world’s biggest threat to human rights.

We can be funny, irreverent, edgy, and creative in our climate activism. We can also look beyond ourselves to consider the wider world and the intersection of LGBTQ lives affected by the climate change crisis that is upon us.

Here are some memes I created on the theme of Queer Climate Action. Enjoy and share. Yo, Global Warming activism, it’s not just for heterosexuals anymore.


gay marriage end of world

drag queen anger

save heterosexuals

penguin meme

chad and lance save world

goats meme




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  1. Joe G. on July 18, 2014 at 11:22 am

    I’ve decided to join “Queers for the Climate” because you did. And look how the intersectionality of queerness and climate change keeps popping up now that’s you’ve launched this website and new focus of your work. One might get the impression that you and/or Marvin got this party started.

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