Not Our First Rodeo. LGBTQ people have lessons from history to share

I remember when I first came out and began to read about LGBTQ people in history and literature. It struck me that we are a people with a history who have made a mark on the world. I think every marginalize group finds that empowering, especially when pushed down by the mainstream.

In looking at LGBTQ recent history, it is hard to avoid the HIV/AIDS Crisis. It affected more than just gay men, but so many trans women, queer youth, people of color both in the USA and on the African Continent and the Caribbean. Our ancestors faced a plague in the midst of a government that refused to acknowledge the problem, let alone act. So LGBTQ people acted up.

This week I interview Rev. Nancy Wilson who was on the front lines of the HIV/AIDS Crisis (originally called GRID–Gay Related Immune Deficiency) in Los Angeles. Her short powerful interview reveals much about our resiliency and the lessons we have to share today.

Enjoy: Episode 24 Not Our First Rodeo–HIV/AIDS and Climate Change


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