New Resources for Ex-Gay Survivors

Anthony Venn-Brown, an ex-gay survivor from Australia and the author of the book, A Life of Unlearning, recently created a new blog, Ex-Gay Australia and New Zealand. On the site he includes ex-gay survivor narratives, input from former ex-gay leaders, links and much more.

Another great resource now available is the press statement that Dr. Glenda Russell shared this past weekend in Denver. Not only does she highlight the harm that comes from reparative therapy, she also shares the positive non-harmful LGBT-affirming therapies available today. See the video here.

For folks who promote and defend ex-gay ministries and reparative therapy, I encourage them to spend time listening to ex-gay survivors. Their narratives consistently line up with the work of trained specialists who have had to deal with the fallout their clients experienced because of attempts to change and suppress their orientation and gender differences.

From a pastoral care point of view, promoters and providers of ex-gay treatment have a responsibility to consider the testimonies of the majority of people who earnestly sought an ex-gay path only to suffer psychological, emotional, spiritual and even physical harm, not to mention the experiences negatively affected relationships, career and development. You can learn more about these harms here.


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  1. SwitchWitch on August 2, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    Generally I think people should look at both sides. I mean while I do feel that a person should embrace who/what they are, I also feel that if someone is so distressed by their gayness, that maybe looking into Ex-Gay organizations would be of help to them. Though overall of certain Ex-Gay groups, I cannot help but wonder as to their true motivations. lol. I realize what I said above may sound contradictory, but only going by personal opinions, and (mostly) negative things I have heard about Ex-Gay Ministries.

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