My Weird Christmas Tree — Happy Holidays

Ah the former Archbishop of Canterbury I purchased at the 2008 Lambeth Conference now perched on my tree.

I’m not really that big into the holidays. I’m cultivating my Grinch side. But last year I bought the husband a tree from Target with 500 hundred sparkly balls and a bunch of lights. Being from South Africa, Glen loves the old holiday traditions in a colder, darker climate where they make a little more sense. On the longest night of the year, it felt right to fill the house with candles and lights. Most people who put up a tree like to add their own individual touches; traditions form through the years. We have mostly normal looking ornaments and sparkly balls, and then… Well see for yourself.

photo 3

The Afterbirth of Jesus by Christine Bakke-O’Neil

photo 2

A campy angel purchased in Mexico City

photo 4

The Tree and Brandon Bitner



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