My Journey from Frightened Ex-Gay to Queer Climate Comic

I realize I talk a lot about global warming and how I do not see it as an environmental issue, but a very human issue, an LGBTQ issue, a faith issue, and a justice issue. But I have not share a lot personally about how that is and how I got all caught up in the climate parade. This week on the Climate Stew Show, I get personal and reveal how I went from being a queer Bible comic scholar guy to the host of Climate Stew.


My very first promo card deigned by Tina Encarnacion


Here’s an excerpt:

Perhaps it’s time that I tell you a little of my own story. For those who know me and the work that I have done over the past 12 years, it is surprising that I have jumped onto the climate action wagon. Truth be told, I’m not really an environmentalist. Not that I don’t care about the planet. But when I say I’m not an environmentalist, I mean that it has not been the focus of my activism until now. It’s not my jam. I have worked primarily as an LGBTQ rights advocate and as a scholar looking at gender non-conforming people in the Bible. I’ve been concerned with religious violence against LGBTQ people and have tried to tell stories that bring out our humanity. Using my voice, my comedy, and my art to address the climate crisis? That’s something new.

Let me give you some back story: As a kid in the Catholic Church growing up in New York, I seriously considered becoming a priest. I felt a stirring to know God and serve God. At age 17 I left the Catholic Church to study at a Christian and Missionary Alliance College. As an Evangelical Christian, I then determined to be a missionary in a foreign country telling the good news of Jesus. For nearly 20 years that’s what I pursued doing mission work in New York City, Ecuador, and Zambia. But I had an abiding problem that interfered with my Christian service. I was a guy attracted to other guys, which was forbidden in the churches I chose to attend. From the age of 17 I desperately tried to de-gay myself.. I spent 17 years and over $30,000 on three continents in hopes that I would find the elusive key to become straight and more masculine. I believed a lot of faulty science mixed in with Bible teachings. Bad science mixed with biased ideology inspired destructive choices.

You can hear the whole piece over at the latest episode of Climate Stew where we even speculate about how will we cope with warmer winters. I mean, what about all the winter sports?!? Some creative solutions ahead.


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