My chat with a Syrian Refugee


Wakefield City of Sanctuary Rally to welcome refugees

Last month when I was in Wakefield, England (I do love the Yorkshire accent!) I attended a rally in the city centre. It was at the height of the news stories about refugees in Calais, France as European nations announced they would increase the numbers of refugees they will let in. For years citizens of Wakefield have been working on welcoming asylum seekers into the community and the country. In fact, there is a regional intakecentre in Wakefield where newly arrived refugees are processed and stay for three weeks before heading out to other parts of the UK.

IMG_1668In addition to speaking with Linda, one of the key leaders in the Wakefield District City of Sanctuary programme, I also met Mohamed, a young man who arrived in the UK from Syria eight months ago. His journey to the UK took him three months. I learned a great deal from speaking to both of them.

I edited the interviews and added some music. You can hear them on my Climate Stew site latest episode of my podcast.

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