My Apocalypse on Pinterest

Do you use Pinterest? There is something extraordinarily useful and magical about Pinterest. As one recent news story puts it, Pinterest’s “guided search helps you find things you didn’t know that you were looking for.”

I have been having fun with the image-driven social networking site . Along with the typical Pinterest pages–gardening, recipes, and wish lists, I also set up a series of boutique pages with offbeat themes.

There is  If Jesus Had Pinterest, WWJP? Turns out my Jesus pins lots of sandals and ways to use up frankincense and myrrh. I offer up Bible commentary through these Pinterest pins.

Skin lightening for saviors

Skin lightening for saviors


lakeside fish bbq ideas

I also have a page called Quaker Porn, with lots of advertisements that draw on the Quaker name and culture along with photos I took at various meeting houses and archival photos of Quakers through history.


Pennsdale Friends Meeting


I love the little Quaker men putting out the fire

Queer and Queer has lots of beautiful and intriguing images around sexuality and gender.


Free CeCe McDonald Poster


from Soft Fem Tumblr site

And in order to explore my obsession with global warming, I have created a page of pins called Does This Apocalypse Make Me Look Fat? In addition to links for articles on climate change, I also include some of my original memes and writing.

drag queen anger

One of my climate memes


global warming art installation


political cartoon

If you are on Pinterest, let’s connect.


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