Multiple Ultrasounds and Coordinating Intimacy

Earlier this year I chatted with Canadian actress Sadie Fay on being a professional patient and training to be an intimacy coordinator. It is was a revelation to me that such work exists.

Sadie Fay

In this episode you will also hear me speaking Afrikaans in Pretoria

I end the show with a sound slice from a raucous live burlesque drag show from 2019 at The Milton Art Bank featuring Wang Newton. I look forward to once getting into a tightly packed performance space that is seething with joy .

Sadie Fay (she/her pronouns) is a mixed race, queer, body hair-positive cis woman. She studied Acting for Film and Television at Niagara College, and is also a graduate of The Second City’s Conservatory program.

In addition to being an actor and improviser, Sadie is a certified intimacy coordinator. She lives in Toronto, which is her fourteenth city, in her twenty-fifth house. Sadie is also a writer and performer with the sketch troupe Cookie Biscuits, and through them is currently in development for a web series. Sadie collects coloured paperclips and has about two thousand of them hanging on her wall.


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