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A few weeks ago when I sat for a taping of the Montel Williams Show, they asked me to record a podcast for the episode. You can have a listen, here. You can download it through Apple itunes Store.

This was actually for the show that aired on February 19, but since there is another Montel episode about the Ex-Gay Movement on this week (Thursday March 15, 2007, Homosexuality–Is There a Cure?)

On the podcast (replete with some dreamy ambient music they inserted in the background) I talk about the program, and some of my experiences as an ex-gay, the many different victims of the ex-gay movement. I mention the impact on my parents and my ex-wife.

On the podcast I also do an audio version of The Identity Monologue (in which through 8 characters in 2 minutes, I tell my life story).

To see the program this week, check your local listings.

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  1. Man who's a Marvin fan.... on March 15, 2007 at 1:39 am

    I love the “Identity Monologue”! Superb!

    1.) Are you coming to Boston anytime soon?

    2.) Is “Fish Can’t Fly” watchable anywhere on the web? Netflix? Download, Amazon, etc?

    3.) What’s the latest with Marvin? Is he alright?

    We were left with a bit of a cliff hanger. Is he back on Long Island?

    Marvin was so open and honest about his thoughts and feeling…I’m sure many are concerned and would love to have him share more of his journey.

    (Either that or have Sylvia call in an audio post!) 😉


  2. Peterson Toscano on March 15, 2007 at 1:58 am

    Marvin fan,
    1. no immediate Boston plans. I will be in at UMASS in Central MA at the end of the month, then around the country a bit, then England. Hmmm, so I will fly OVER Boston.

    2. YES! You can pay a nominal fee and watch Fish Can’t Fly On-line: Click here

    3. Marvin, Marvin, Marvin. He is quite well (just chatted with him) and I am sure will eventually come out of his Spider Hole.

    He was just in Hartford on Saturday and attended my show there. He even had a few words for the audience. (Incredibly obnoxious, heartwarming and charming at the same time)

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