Moments with Momma and More

Yesterday I spent the whole day at the fabulous True Colors Conference. This is the nation’s largest LGBTIQ conference for youth and young adults. They had over 2200 yesterday–oh and what enthusiasm and joy they expressed all day!

Momma & Me

Momma & Me

On Thursday night Momma flew in from LA just as I flew in from Houston. We met up at the airport, had an amazing Thai dinner, and then I sent her off to stay with the most sweet butch Shawn. Pictured here you will see Momma, who is a full-figure gal and taller than Tyra. And that is saying something.

At True Colors I did a workshop for Middle School students. The purpose was to mainly have fun with some theater games while also looking at the challenges of bullying and homophobia. My goal was to develop proactive measures to counter homophobia and bullying that were not always done as a reaction to bad things being said and done. How do we create a climate of acceptance and respect? How can straight students help foster this climate? How does homophobia and bullying (particularly around gender norms) affect everyone in the school–straight and queer?

Momma & Me (and Momma's ample bosom)

Momma & Me (and Momma's ample bosom)

I also led a workshop called Ex–Gay Primer–Homo No Mo. I have done a similar one for years there at True Colors and it is always well attended. In this year’s workshop I led the participants to consider the many reasons why someone may chose to leave the LGBT community, or never identify with it to begin with, and elect to attend an ex-gay program.

They provided a deep discussion that revealled multiple factors that may weigh in on someone that goes ex-gay.

I sit here writing this with the amazing images  in my head of Momma’s ministry to these young people at True Colors. Yeah, it may sound odd to put the words Drag Queen and Ministry together, but seeing the way the young people responded to her, the tenderness she showed them, and the tears that often appeared in the teens’ eyes, I witnessed a marvel of ministry.  Few if any words were spoken other than, I love you, like a mother would say to her child, and then the Momma hug. Acceptance, celebration, affirmation in a gorgeous mystic exchange.


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  1. Sheriah in SA on March 14, 2009 at 3:27 pm

    Are those momma’s real boobs? Please, tell momma not to get upset at my question. Just tell her Sheriah has grown up into a fearless young woman and she’s not afraid to ask jaw dropping questions.she’s just curious…That said, she looks stunning! I want to know; why do some men feel the need to dress up like women? Can’t they just relay their message dressed as a man? Educate me Peterson, educate me. You know I come from a different culture and background. Like you say, “some of our friends dont get it”. Also, about the Uganda story imprisoning gay people, I think there should be more dialogue, more communication. Are you aware that a lot of gay tourists in Africa have been victims of violent crimes; the most common being, robbing victims of valuable items such as laptops, expensive cellphones, credit cards etc. Most of these perpetrators are male prostitutes posing as gay. So then, isnt the Ugandan government just concerned about the moral degradation of its society, esp that some guys pose as gay??

  2. Sheriah in SA on March 14, 2009 at 3:49 pm

    Or is it what we discussed before, that some guys feel they are woman trapped in men’s bodies? Why not go the whole nine yards then, surgery, hormones etc, and am not talking about momma here! Wow, imagine I was a talk show host, I would make some guests nervous! But they would eventually realise that am just a very very nice girl, I just happen to be very forward…

  3. Jeff on March 14, 2009 at 7:27 pm

    Sheriah, I would like to answer your “drag queen” question if I may. I can’t speak for all female imperonators (drag queens), but I believe that my experience speaks for most.

    A drag queen is usually not a transgender person. It’s not about feeling like a “woman trapped in a man’s body.” Rather it is about the performance, creating a character and bringing her to life. In my personal experience, since I like to sing rahter than lip-sync, it gives me the opportunity to perform songs that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to. (I have a prettyy wide vocal range from baritone to mezzo.)

    This is just a very short answer for a large question, but I hope it helps a little.

  4. Sheriah in SA on March 14, 2009 at 8:10 pm

    Oooh I get it. It is short answer, but it worked! You definitely cleared things for me and am learning new things! Thanx a lot!

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