Memory, Fantasies, and Guns

A video a week

These days I have been doing a video a week for my YouTube Channel, and I am taking requests! My good friend and colleague Noach Dzmura, requested,

I would like to see you take on the issue of gun violence. Specifically, how do we change our nation into one that makes no war upon itself?

I confess I did not know where to even begin. Gun violence is not something I speak about much, although like most people in the USA, it is often in my face. I let the request sit inside for a bit and began to think about guns and my own personal history with them.

A funny and disturbing memory unearthed

The first thing that came to mind was a funny and disturbing memory from my childhood home. The event actually took place after I had grown up and was home visiting. My dad surprised me with some real live gun action IN THE HOUSE. I had forgotten I lived with a trained killer. Here is my video: It Happened in the Kitchen. The day Dad freaked me out.

I spent more time thinking about gun violence in the USA. I realize we are not the only country to experience violence. My friend Shirley McMillan, a young adult fiction writer in North Ireland, grew up with violence that was all too common. While much of the conflict has subsided (but still simmers) the memories remain and I see it seep into conversations often when I visit.

My imagination has been hacked!

This got me thinking to how our imaginations get hacked by violence. This is the case for me, someone who has enjoyed years of “hero fantasies.” Suddenly these fantasies have changed and have grown troubling.

Here is this week’s video: Revealed! My secret fantasy

What about you?

I want to hear your thoughts and comments. Also, let me know of any requests or questions you want me to consider for future videos. And I would LOVE it if you shared any of my videos with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.


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