Meet Poeina Suddarth–singer and fellow Amtrak Passenger

Last month as I criss-crossed North America on several trains, I met many wonderful people.  Also, as someone who enjoys audio and song, I recorded a lot of train noises as I travelled. You know how the ear can tell the difference between live music and recorded? One day on a train from Portland, Oregon to Sacramento, CA I heard live music from the other end of the Observation Car. There was an energetic woman with a guitar, strumming, singing from her gut, and giving a concert to two other passengers. Turns out I was sharing the train with none other than Poeina Suddarth, an awesome singer/songwriter from LA on tour. She is well known in the Portland music scene and have appear at Pride there and on KBOO’s Out Loud program. She told me she even gave voice lessons to one of my favorite singers, Joe Stevens.

Fortunately I had my portable recorder on me, so asked if I could interview her. Poeina did one better; she also let me record one of her newest songs, Miracle. I include the interview and song on the latest episode of Climate Stew where I also talk about train travel–new service, delayed service (thanks a lot crude oil), and discontinued service. We even have a report from the year 2164 looking at train service over the next 150 years (turns out Tom Cruise is going to be around in one form or another for a LONG time.) But the jewel in this audio crown is Poeina Suddarth. Enjoy!

Off the Rails–An Interview with Poeina Suddarth

Poeina Suddarth

Poeina Suddarth


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