Marvin Remains Thoughtful

In which Marvin responds in a new way to Pastor’s sermon and proposes a clearer path for Straightway Ministries. He also reveals more details from his time in Love in Action.

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  1. alex resare on October 29, 2006 at 10:36 pm

    Hello Marvin.
    I wonder, what would you say to me if I contacted

    Would you say that it is wrong with gender reassignment because God created my body in a certain way? What about my soul, did not God create my soul? Is my body more important than my soul? Does not the bible tell us that it what is in our harts that is of importance?

    Or would you say that it is my marriage with a man that is my problem? That I am a man married to a man and that that is not acceptable? Do you mean that it would be better to separate the parents of three innocent children? Why do they deserve divorced parents? Or is my children a sin that keeps me from doing God’s will? How can children be a problem? Not only are they not a problem, the
    kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these!

    What is Gods plan with me according to you?

    Should I pray to God for a miraculous sex change of my soul? Would I even exist then? Would I be the same if my soul was female tomorrow? Would you be the same person if the same thing happened to
    you and you woke up a woman tomorrow?

    I honestly think God has made my miracle already. He gave us science and gifted doctors to help me so I can be as close as possible to the one I am.

    I have gone to Him with my burdons and he gave me rest. I took His yoke and learned from Him instead of others and His promise came true. I found rest for my soul. His yoke is easy and his burden is light.

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