Marvin Gets Political

In which Marvin gets invovled with Mississippi’s new election machines and puts Jesus on the ballot!

He also shares his struggles over the youth pastor and a temptation issue.

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  1. alex resare on October 26, 2006 at 3:39 pm

    Marvin, oh Marvin. What are you doing question your youth pastor? He is placed there by Jesus! If you question him you are questiong Jesus. Who are you to question God? If you have a hard time accepting Gods work, maybe you have to look inside you to see what is between you and God. You have to change. You can’t accept beeing attracted to attractive persons that your youth pastor needs in his work for Jesus!

    Just let Jesus change you from within!

    (I’m writing a paper about political motifs behind the Grat Awakenig and am a bit frustrated, don’t mind me)

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