Marvin Bloom is BACK! Episode Two of Climate Stew Podcast

Those who have followed my work for a long time (Joe G and Shirley) know about Marvin Bloom, a former ex-gay from Long Island, who first appeared on my blog a long time ago when he was still trying to de-gay himself. He has gone on an epic journey through the years in ex-gay treatment centers, then as a short-lived gay conversion therapy leader in the Sword of Truth ministry, then as an out gay man doing YouTube videos. Now happily (well as happy as Marvin can be) settled in Long Island with his partner Tristan O’Brien, he is co-leader of the local chapter of the Citizens Climate Brigade.

In this episode of Climate Stew Podcast Marvin begins his career as radio commentator. I think he is trying to channel an NPR sound but seriously no form can keep Marvin contained. Marvin shares his thoughts about climate skeptics and reveals that he himself is a denier of sorts.

We have one short news story–about holes in Siberia (oh and giant dinosaurs.) Also, Timothy Meadows brings us news from the future.

Enjoy episode two of Climate Stew!Climate_Stew_Logo_Square1400x1400

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