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Bad News and Good News

I have been thinking of writing a blog post all week, but between other work and feeling unready and uninspired, I have delayed. It has been an odd week with some high points and serious lows. It has been filled with placentas, contracts, and a sudden death that has me still reeling.

The bad news first.

You may have worked with Jane in setting up bookings for me back in 2014 and 2015. I do not have many more words to share about Jane at this point. Her death is still too sudden and I am too raw. We did know how to make each other laugh, and together we did some funny stuff including writing The Lost Gospel of Thaddeus and a series of outrageous tweets in which we covered Holy Fashion Week (a mash-up of Fashion Week and Holy Week.)

Transfigurations DVD

The high points of my week are bittersweet. The DVD for Transfigurations–Transgressing Gender in the Bible is nearly at the end of production and will ship out next week. Jane loved this play. It was the first of my works she saw back in 2008 soon after I premiered it. Coming from an oppressive religious past, these new readings of the text moved her greatly. In part that is why she wanted to serve as booking manager. She put Transfigurations out  into the world. She also helped me with costumes. I couldn’t wait to send her a copy.

Another development with Transfigurations is that I have an official distributor. Very Very soon people can begin to order it through a new imprint of Barclay Press. MeetinghouseXYZ will distribute the DVD. They are based out in Oregon and will sell it both retail and wholesale. It will also appear on Amazon and other platforms. I will also have it with me on the road starting next month.

The Holy Cheeky Afterbirth

Also, arriving TODAY are 1000 copies of The Amazing Adventures of the Afterbirth of Jesus, the bizarre and beautiful comic book I created with Joey Hartmann-Dow. I have yet to figure out how I want to distribute it. It is still in its infancy, and I feel I must carry it around with me and not let it out of my hands yet.

Renée Jeanne Falconetti as Joan of Arc

Tonight I will head to the Campus Theater in nearby Lewisburg, PA to watch the silent film classic, The Passion of Joan of Arc. There will be a live orchestra and chorus accompanying the film. The final cut of the film was thought to be lost forever until the 1980s when it was found in the closet of an asylum in Denmark. So glad Joan has come out of the closet.

This passionate Joan, hounded by religious zealots,  is played by Renée Jeanne Falconetti, a stage actress who the director of the film first saw cast in a comic play. She portrays the pain and conflict of Joan deeply and tenderly. Falconetti decided to never do another film again after this one. It was only her second film. She preferred the stage, perhaps because she could use her voice and be in contact with the audience.

I am certain this production tonight is something my friend Jane would love to see with all of the pomp and circumstance of the orchestra in the old refurbished theater. Joan, who feels called by God, not only to fight the English, but to do it dressed as a man, refuses to wear women’s clothing all the way up to the dramatic fiery end. Jane, an out, proud lesbian, and a fierce supporter of gender non-binary and transgender youth, would approve of Joan’s passion.




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