LGBTQ+ Friendly Bible Stories — Theme Three : Transition/Transitioning

This is part three of a seven part series on

LGBTQ+ themes and the Bible.

The seven themes are:

  1. The Closet/Coming Out
  2. Queer/Alternative Family
  3. Transition & Transitioning
  4. Allies
  5. Drag & Disguise
  6. Non-Procreative Sex Positive Stories
  7. Breaking Norms: Gender/Social/Class

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Today we will look at examples of Transition and Transition.

The example I gave at the Wild Goose Festival Workshop is about the long-term transition the young shepherd boy, David, makes to become King David.

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When looking for the next king of Israel, God sends the prophet Samuel to the house of Jesse, a man with many sons. Jesse parades his strapping, manly sons before Samuel, but the prophet’s “Kingdar” does not ding once. They then reluctantly bring out the boy shepherd, David. The bells go off as Samuel declares, “Man sees on the outside, but God sees the heart.” This David has the heart of a king. The rest of the book is the transition process from rural shepherd boy to royal leader. I Samuel

The participants who attended the LGBTQ+ Friendly Bible Hour provide more examples of Transition and Transitioning

  • Peter’s journey to include gentiles in the early church–Acts 10
  • Paul transitioning to Saul–Acts 9:1-31
  • Jesus’ transition to accept his death to the tomb to resurrection–Luke 22:43,44
  • Jacob to Israel–Genesis 35
  • Abram to Abraham/Sarai to Sarah–Genesis 17
  • Moses and the Israelites leaving Egypt and going to Promise Land–Exodus

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What about you? What stories from the Bible do you want to add to the list of Transition/Transitioning stories. Leave you thoughts in the comments below.

Many thanks to Wild Goose and the folks who attended the workshop!

IF you want to hear more alternative readings to the Bible, check out the monthly podcast I co-host with Liam Hooper: The Bible Bash Podcast! available wherever you listen to podcasts.


Featured image: Trans performer in Tablas Island, Philippines credit: P. Toscano


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