Lessons from LGBTQ exterminations and extinctions

Marvin Bloom knows a thing or too about crisis. Like me, he spent many years trying got de-gay himself for Jesus before coming to his senses and coming out. He is now happily married to his partner, Tristan. Having grown up Jewish in Long Island, Marvin has learned a lot about from Tristan, who is originally from Jamaica and is very open his history of transitioning from female to male.

The only known photograph of Marvin Bloom

The only known photograph of Marvin Bloom

Making up for lost years, Marvin spends time looking at LGBTQ history, studying his ancestors. With warmth and attitude Marvin reflects on the creative ways LGBTQ people have responded to possible exterminations and extinctions. He draws lessons from Nazi concentration camps, HIV/AIDS activism and considers the issues plaguing us today–racism, classism, and growing turmoil. His musings may just inspire you.


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