Lesbian Attacked in Jackson, TN

Jim Burroway over at BTB mentioned an attack on a lesbian in Tennessee.

A Jackson, Tennessee-area woman was left partially blind and possibly brain damaged from an attack at a club. The fight broke out when a patron thought she looked like a man and assumed she was gay when she started dancing with a male friend. When he told her to leave using a gay slur, she replied that she was a woman, but yes, she’s a lesbian. Her assailant then punched Amanda in the face and jabbed her in the left eye about four times with the bottom of a beer bottle before smashing the bottle over the back of her head.

So her attacker first went after her because he thought she was a gay man, and then when she identified as lesbian, he still went after her. I wonder what part of the attack had to do with her not being gender-normative. She looked like a man to the assailant. Since she didn’t fit the mold, it seems like he punished her.

I hope she has a speedy recovery and that this attack doesn’t affect her life too deeply. I hate that people can’t be safe simply because of how they look and how they are perceived and who they are.

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  1. Barry on August 4, 2007 at 12:06 pm

    The story in the Jackson Sun is here. Our Tennessee Senator Bob Corker has already responded to me that he will vote against the hate crimes legislation if and when it comes up before the full Senate. I guess he thinks these types of attacks are justified. I wonder if he would feel differently if it were his daughter being attacked.

  2. Tonya on August 7, 2007 at 1:23 pm

    I wonder if the attacker was baptist.

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