Jag är en stolt bög

Apparently the Swedish press adores me, well at least Lars Klint of Kvälls Posten does. I mean read what they are writing about me and my Homo No Mo presentation!

I går inleddes den tolfte Regnbågsfestivalen i Malmö. En manifestation på temat – Mångfald, Kärlek, Respekt, Förståelse.
Peterson Toscano var en av invigningstalarna i RFSL:s (Riksförbundet för sexuellt likaberättigande) lokaler på Monbijougatan. Han attackerade den amerikanska “ex-gay-rörelsen”, som inte minst genom pingstpastor Åke Greens predikan fått starkt fäste även i Sverige.


I dag är Peterson Toscano en av USA:s mest tongivande röster för ett humanistiskt och mångfaldigt samhälle.
Humor, artisteri och personlig karisma är hans vapen.
– Hade samhället varit tolerant och kärleksfullt hade det inte behövts några exgayrörelser, säger han.

Read all of Jag är en stolt bög (and if you have any clue what they are saying, let me know)

Alex sent me a translation of the article. Like so many news stories I have read, it is a over the top and not completely accurate. I was told that the newspaper is a conservative one, but then conservative here in Sweden is not quite the same as Agape Press in the US. I find that my quotes don’t sound familiar to me, at least not the way they are worded.

What the author failed to mention was that he missed most of my presentation, so I am not sure where he got all of his information. I NEVER said my parents forced me to become straight. Never happened. I said that when I was growing up they never said anything negative about being gay and they never said anything positive. I simply assumed they agreed with mainstream heterosexist society, but like most people who enrolled in an ex-gay program, I did it to myself.

I did say that I believe that most ex-gay leaders are victims of the larger heterosexist church that insists that you must conform to be part of the family, and that even after they “change”, most churches do not accept “ex-gay” people to minister at church thus forcing them into ministry roles in ex-gay programs. I don’t remember mentioning anything about anyone having a knife to their throat, but the image is fitting.

The conservative church keeps the ex-gays silent about their struggles and dishonest about the sort of change they really experienced. Ex-gay leaders may be some of the lonliest people in the world with no where to go and be completely honest about their struggles for fear of exposure by a rabid gay press and an intolerant Christian church.

I know I NEVER said, “I am a proud gay”. (Sounds so 80’s). I believe my exact words were, “I used to think that being gay was a curse on my life, or a sin to repent of or an illness to be healed. Now I see it as one of God’s gifts to me.”

Thanks Alex for the translation!

ag är en stolt bög = I am a proud gay/fag

MALMÖ. For 17 years his parents tried to make the son Peterson a heterosexual.
He contributed with $17000 himself for treatments.
“But I’m still gay. A proud gay”, he says.

Yesterday Regnbågsfestivalen (The rainbow festival) in Malmö opened. A manifestation in the theme – Diversity, Love, Respect, Understanding.
Peterson Toscano was one of the introduction speakers at RFSL (National organisation for sexual equality) at their place at Monbijou street. He attacked the American ex gay movement that has gotten foothold in Sweden, especially thanks to the Pentecostal preacher Åke Green.

Wants to convert homosexuals
The ex gay movements mission is to convert persons with homo- and bisexual affections to heterosexuality.
“I have former homosexual friends who has children and says that they are happy with a woman. It is a confession said with a knife against their throat.”
“They are worked on by the ex gay agents and have been thru advanced programs ant think that they are “cured” from homosexuality. They are fooling themselves and their surroundings.”
“But I don’t want to question their life and life choices, as long as they are happy and in harmony according to themselves.”

Charisma is his weapon
Today Peterson Toscano is one of Americas most trendsetting voices that speaks up for a human and diversity.
Humor, artistry and personal charisma is his weapon.
“If the society had been tolerant and loving it wouldn’t have to be any ex gay movement,” he says.

Satirical play
Regnbågsfestivalen in Malmö lasts until the first of October. The events are many and held around the city.
This afternoon for example Peterson Toscano is performing his satirical play ” No Mo Halfway House” about a home designed for making gays and lesbians hetero. And Regnbågsutställningen has vernissage. View the whole program at www.rfsl.se/malmo
By LARS KLINT lars.klint@kvp.se

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  1. Jimbo on September 25, 2006 at 8:44 am

    …America’s most trendsetting

    Gosh Peterson. I expect Tartex sales will be rocketing soon.

    Pleased to hear that things went so well in Sweden.

    You’ll find that Ake Green got to Scotland before you. He was lecturing there earlier this month, and raised a few comments in the press.

  2. Daniel C on September 25, 2006 at 10:13 am

    Journalists in general are idiots.
    And well.. Expressen/kvällsposten is sort of tabloid-paper. So what could you expect.
    Thankyou for your visit. Have a great time in Scotland

  3. Christine on September 26, 2006 at 2:10 am

    “It is a confession said with a knife against their throat.”

    And they say gay men are drama queens? Who is this guy that thought this stuff up? Or, how much got lost in translation is really more like it…

    I think you should start really saying that. 🙂 It’s a nice touch…

  4. alex. on September 26, 2006 at 6:45 am

    I’m sorry to say that the translation is not the problem.

    It is a really weird thing to write in Swedish too, it is not a common expression as far as I know. I’ve heard it in a medival play once but no, it can’t be that common.

    One thing I really messed up in the translation, or maybe censored is This afternoon for example Peterson Toscano is performing his satirical play ” No Mo Halfway House” about a home designed for making gays and lesbians hetero.

    The journalist didn’t quite write “home” but “bostadsprogram” and that word, as far as I know and Im quite up to date with swedish housing terms, well, that word is only used to describe the building plans for the following year/years in a municipality or from the parliament.

    So he gives the impression that you crazy americans are adjusting all the new constructions so the houses them selfs are changing gays and lesbians. I don’t think he really knows swedish that well.

  5. belledame222 on September 28, 2006 at 12:03 am

    ah, bless the Babelfish.

    you know, just to make the experience complete, you need to run that translation through the Swedish-Chef-izer. Bork bork bork!

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