Jael and some gruesome tent peg action — Bible Bash Podcast

How on earth do Sunday School teachers cover the Book of Judges with children? It is the bloodiest book in the Bible. American Horror Story could do a whole season just on the Book of Judges.

In the latest Bible Bash Podcast Liam Hooper, a Trans Bible scholar, talks about Jael in Judges chapter 4, her famous tent peg, & the naughty unconventional way she uses it. Fierce, subversive, and gender non-conforming, Jael stands as a bold figure in the Bible.

I join in the discussion then shares an “other” text. I read a poem by Sapho (ca. 610-580 B.C.E.) from Andrew Harvey’s The Essential Gay Mystics.

In each episode of Bible Bash Podcast, Peterson, cisgender gay Bible scholar and co-host, Liam Michael Hooper take turns presenting the text. They then discuss. In addition, each episode they present another text, a non-Biblical text of note–religious or secular–that may or may not correspond to the Bible text.

Bible Bash Podcast is a project of Ministries Beyond Welcome.

Featured image: Felice Ficherelli – Jael killing Sisera [1616]


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