#ItGetsWetter Queers for the Climate Video Campaign

We’re here. We’re queer. And we are taking a sassy approach to climate action!

This week Queers for the Climate announced the launch of the #ItGetsWetter video campaign.

It gets wetter. Seriously. Well it gets drier too, depending on where you are. But mostly, especially on the coasts, it gets wetter. In fact a brand new UN report on climate change says sea levels could rise of over 20 feet if we don’t give our climate a chill pill.

Holy shit! That’s REALLY bad for places like New York, London, Rio, Buenos Aires, Sydney, Shanghai, Mumbai, Cape Town, Miami, New Orleans, and a whole lot of other vibrant cities and coastal communities. And it’s bad for the queers, since we tend to like living in those big, bustling, creative hubs. And visiting them too. Goodbye Provincetown and Fire Island.

So here’s the thinking. Lately people have been dumping buckets of ice water on their head for a great cause, so there’s reason to believe that a video about getting wetter for a cause will grab attention. That’s why Queers for the Climate is launching the #ItGetsWetter challenge, to spread awareness about the climate crisis, spread the word about the upcoming fabulous People’s Climate March, and basically have some fun in the process.

It’s simple and fun. I made mine while hopped up on muscle relaxers after two weeks camping (no, that’s not a lisp you hear–its slurred speech.) Check out the #ItGetsWetter video campaign and make your own!


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