Is This Too Radical for You?

Danny, a fellow Aquarian and Quaker, writes a great post about how Quakerism is for Radicals. Contemplative Activist, a regular visitor to this blog, recently posted about how Quakerism is much more than just God Talk.

What I love about being a Quaker (the liberal, unprogrammed kind), is that God is not shoved down my throat. Spirituality is a lot more than just talk. It is action, passion, intellect and love.

In the queer community we have a crisis of faith. Because of church hurt, we often flee our religions and want nothing to do with God in any form. Still many of us still have a longing for the something more, but even gay churches seem too much to handle for many of us (Is it all the tacky rainbow religious knick knacks?) We get religious flashbacks like we’re survivors of some holy war.

Going to Quaker meeting for the first time some years ago confounded me. It didn’t bring up bad memories or toxic texts. It felt right for me. I appreciate Quakerism for the quiet. Lord knows I’ve heard enough God Talk to last a lifetime.

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  1. Jennifer on July 7, 2005 at 8:27 pm

    Nice metaphor about being a Quaker.

  2. Angel on July 13, 2005 at 2:21 am

    Some days it really does feel like we’re survivors of a Holy War.

    At other times, we look up and realize the bombs are still flying.
    And they are launched by people who have the “Kill them all, God will know his own” mentality.

    Even my daughter, 13, is rejecting traditional Christianity because she senses, quite rightly, there is no place for a snarky, brilliant bi female.

    It was a lesson I learned slowly, over many years, clinging to those who were shoving me into Hell. Yet she has grasped it almost at once, and I think she will be saner for it.

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