Ingloriously Featured — Silly, Serious, Sick Mashup

Some podcasts are just too weird and wonderful to ignore. With the Inglorious Pasterds podcast, the weird comes so often and easily, it can be easy to miss the wonderful as I laugh at the crazy coming out of the hosts’ mouths. (News item: Eel extracted from anus, man wouldn’t say how it got there.)

Not what you might expect from a group of straight post-Evangelicals. But in the midst of the madness and mayhem, these guys talk about serious issues–faith, justice, and now even climate change.

Meet the hosts (and follow them on Twitter)

They recently had me on their show to talk about climate change as a faith issue and a queer issue. What does the Bible say about it and how can/should/might we respond? The conversation is a delightful mix of silliness, seriousness, and serious weirdness. Just my style.

And yes, there was an eel stuck up some guy’s butt. Oh, and I talk about my placenta! (I’m running a sale now–perfect Sunday School gift or for your favorite gender and sexuality professor with a sordid Evangelical Christian past.)

You can find their show on iTunes and a bunch of other places that distribute podcast magic.

Or take a listen right here:

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