Important Lessons Learned from a Ridiculous Failed Quest to Be Straight for Jesus

efbc8864cec923046924d238df57af3dWhile it is true that we can learn something from most experiences, some trials are worth avoiding when possible. That is what I think about the nearly 20 years I was trapped in gay conversion therapy when I believed that I would be more valuable to God and everyone else if I were a fully functioning, masculine presenting heterosexual. While I regret all those years I went ex-gay, I admit that I learned many important lessons and I am more engaged in social justice issues as a result.

Perhaps my zaniest character of them all, Marvin Bloom, shares a little of his own wacky ex-gay experience and the lessons he learned. He also reflects on where he would be if he didn’t repent of pursuing a Jesus who demanded he straighten up and fly right. Take a listen to this audio clip of Marvin as he talked about swallowing whole the ex-gay myth (I think you will like the double entendres.)

If you enjoy Marvin, there is a whole lot of him lately on my regular audio magazine, Climate Stew. Hear Marvin trash recycling or talk about Queer Responses to Climate Change or take on Climate Denial.


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