Impact NYC Rally Training Announcement

This just in from Brian Murphy, a Soulforce Equality Rider and the filmmaker who created a film about the first Ex-Gay Survivor Conference.

Join The Impact NYC Rally

Join The  Impact gathering

We hope that if you are planning on attending the rally, that you will join us for this training so that we can be prepared to boldly confront this important issue.

As you may have heard, a grassroots movement called Join The Impact has sprung up in the days since the election to organize rallies in every state in the union on Saturday November 15 for the cause of LGBT equality. A gathering in New York City is scheduled for 1:30 PM at City Hall. While this is not a SFNYC organized event, I will be there and I hope to see you there as well! We recognize that marriage is not a city issue, however city halls are traditional gathering places for communities, and it is fitting for us to gather there as others across the country do the same. We are not protesting the city but rather standing up and being counted–that we are passionate about the cause of justice for LGBTQ people, that discrimination in all forms is unbefitting of our society, that gay relationships should be supported equally with straight ones, and also to remind ourselves that the journey for LGBT equality does not begin nor end with marriage.

Non-Violence Training at 11:30Non-Violence at Patrick Henry College

In preparation for the rally, Micah and I will be leading a non-violence training for Soulforce NYC. This will cover non-violence of the heart, communication messaging, and courageous responses to violent action. Marble Collegiate Church, located at 29th St & 5th Ave, has graciously opened their building to us for this occasion. We will meet from 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM before traveling to City Hall together to arrive by 1:30 PM.

There will be Impact rallies all over the US and beyond. Check out the Impact site for locations. I will be at the Colorado Springs (home of Focus on the Family!)


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