Coffee, Cars, and So much Color: Images from Cuba

My partner, Glen Retief, and I just returned from a two week trip in Cuba where we both did some research. While I interviewed lots of people for a Spanish edition of Citizens Climate Radio, Glen got lots of information that will help him with a novel he is writing. We also had encounters with many different Cuban citizens (and some Americans including the actor, Danny Glover and the folklorist James Early at La Casa de las Americas.)

In addition, I spent some time with Quakers in Havana where I spoke about eunuchs in the Bible and LGBTQ issues.

I wrote a lot while I was in Cuba, but before I post any of it, I want to sit and reflect on the experience. In the meantime, below are some photos with captions.

Enjoy // Disfruta

View of Havana and the Sea

Statue at Franciscan Church courtyard in Havana

Tobacco drying house in Viñales

Ah the cars in Havana!

Havana street

View of the bay and church in Havana

My sweetheart, Glen at the bizarre Napoleon Museum, Havana

Napoleon Museum entrance, Havana

As a radio guy, I ended up taking lots of photos of the various stations in Havana.

Coffee Beans! Viñales

Talking climate change with farmer in Viñales

One of our MANY meals.

Campesino home in Viñales

Guide at finch in Viñales talks about coffee and rum. (He trained as a teacher, but now makes much more as a guide)

Sunset at Maria La Gorda



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  1. Abhaya Thiele on January 12, 2017 at 12:50 pm

    Thank you so much, Peterson, for sharing these beautiful photos of Cuba!
    It brought back wonderful memories of being there in the 70s with a cross- cultural group, The Antonio Maceo Brigade.

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