I am Ramping Up my YouTube Game!

Peterson circa 2006

Peterson circa 2006

I posted my first YouTube 10 years ago.

The image above is a screenshot from one of the early videos that is still on my YouTube page.

I was single guy living in Hartford, CT. I had a tiny attic apartment and sat on the bed and tried desperately to hold the camera steady. I talked about the ex-gay movement, Bible stories, the Marvin Bloom Saga, and even did the random video about my favorite foods–Ah, Trapped in a Food Loop is still one of my personal favorites.

At that time I still felt very wounded from nearly 20 years of religious abuse and dangerous gay conversion therapy. Comedy, storytelling, and public witness has been healing for me.

It also has given me a chance to speak out about about the harm I experienced and the new life I have been embracing ever since I came out.

Today I posted my 83rd YouTube video

In this latest video I reconfirm my commitment to storytelling and commentary. I will do a video a week for the next six months. What will these be about? In part that is up to you. I love the dialogue I have with people as I create comedy and publicly grapple with issues that are personal, political, religious, and often all three in one.

So, I put the question to you: What would you like me to make a video about? I will consider your questions, requests, suggestions, and challenges.

And if you get bored with me, I have about three dozen characters I can slip into to mix it up.

The studio is open–make your requests and thank you for watching! (oh, and I still have my favorite YouTube filming cap)


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