Homo No Mo Interview

Outlook Weekly, a gay weekly (I guess technically an LGBT weekly but practically speaking a gay weekly with nods to lesbians, bisexuals and trans folks) published an interview that Adam Lippe conducted with me after he viewed the DVD of Doin’ Time in the Homo No Mo Halfway House–How I Survived the Ex-Gay Movement! (You can get your own copy here!)

If you live in Columbus, Ohio, from whence the publication hails, you can get a hard copy (and save one for me!) but if you want to view it on-line, head over to their web site and leaf through the pages until you come to page 28. (If you go their after this week, go to Back Issues and pull up  Obama / McCain – How will you take yours? October 09 – October 15 2008  Vol 13 NO 15

OR simply click on the conveniently placed image below, then click again for an image large enough to read.

In this interview learn about

  • how when you put a bunch of gay guys trying not to be gay under one roof surprisingly does not lead to a lot of gay sex.
  • how I went from stereotype to archetype.
  • how in LIA we learned to be both emotionally transparent and rationally clinical at the same time (please don’t try this one at home).
  • how parents fared (and flailed) in the ex-gay world.
  • how to meet face-to-face with your former ex-gay oppressors.
  • what happens when a “homo no mo” is no mo…
Article in Outlook Weekly

Article in Outlook Weekly


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