Homo No Mo available now for digital download!

What do you do when you finally come to your senses after 17 years, over $30,000, on three continents trying to de-gay yourself? How do you process two years enduring a wicked and absurd Christian gay rehab bootcamp? Well you condense that madness and pain into a 90 minute one-person comedy.

That’s what I did over 10 years ago when I created Doin’ Time in the Homo No Mo Halfway House–How I Survived the Ex-Gay Movement. Through a bunch of characters I give a comic tour of the Homo No Mo Mo Halfway House. Based on the true story of my time at the Love in Action program in Memphis, TN, the play provides a mix of outrageous satire and an eye-witness account of what it takes to survive psychological torture and gender role reinforcing activities administered in Jesus’ Name.

Seriously it is my funniest play and now for the first time it is available for download. Meet for the first or hang out again with Chad, Vlad, Tex, Marvin, and the Reverend Meadows. I even make a cameo in my own play! Edited by Morgan Jon Fox this was the final performance of the play before I retired it in 2008. I’m thrilled I can make it available for download at last.

If you want a DVD of the play, order from Quaker Books.
Happy Viewing!


Toscano's excellent theater chops morph characters and identities in that world-changing way only performance allows. His writing and philosophy educate and loosen the tightest knots of queer and religious entanglements. But it's his heart, which his engaging presence radiates, that will pull you in, warm you up, and leave you pleading for an encore.

Scott Turner Scofield
, Transgender actor, artist, solo performer & diversity speaker.




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