Hey, Hey Joseph, What ya gonna do? A Bible Bash Conversation

Every month Liam Hooper and I get together to talk about Bible texts. It was recently my turn. You may know I have a thing for Joseph in the book of Genesis. Perhaps the scene that gets the most attention in my Transfigurations presentation centers on Joseph (as told by his hyper masculine Uncle Esau.)

Joseph famously reconciles with his brothers during a famine. What has been fascinating me is how Jospeh responds to that famine. He proposes a national adaptation and disaster relief plan. Pharaoh loves the plan, and for good reason, it gives the leader everything a tyrant could desire.

Check out the latest Bible Bash Podcast: Joseph and the Not so Amazing Disaster Relief Plan.

Featured photo from Windy City Times: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat by Karen Topham


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