Hate in Action

Passionate blogger and expert cartoon artist Bruce Garrett, asks,

Does anyone seriously believe these people are trying to win homosexuals over to Christ? No. They’re trying to incite religious passions which they hope, either consciously or in that deep secret place where they dance in the ashes of other people’s hopes and dreams, will result in violence. There’s just no other explaination.

Bruce goes on to give graphic examples of the sort of violence that happens TODAY in the US andd UK in places like “progressive” NYC and the heartland state of Indiana. He even tells the story of a 33 year old non-homosexual British man who was beaten senseless because he had a limp wrist, which actually was the result of a childhood stroke. Read the whole of Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin…(continued)

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  1. Ann on November 11, 2005 at 10:44 pm

    While I don’t think the Garrett article necessarily implies that John Lewis is representative of all conservative Christians, nonetheless I am concerned that some will be tempted to sweep everyone into the same dust bin. I don’t much care for that when it’s done to me. Neither do I care for it when we do it to others. There are as many points on the conservative Christian continuum as there are on the liberal.

    From my experience, Old Path Baptist is much more reflective of a Fred Phelps than those involved in the front lines of the ex-gay movement and even the average conservative evangelical Christian. Fundamentalism, in every religion, tends to be male-dominated; oppressive toward women and anyone different; and intolerant of opposing ideas. History seems to support that taken to its natural conclusion fundamentalism of any kind leads to violence against someone. However, not every Christian who utters the words, “Love the sinner and hate the sin…” can be classified as a fundalmentalist or someone who desires to stir some latent tendencies toward violence.

    Granted, I’ve heard some people throw out the line,”Love the sinner and hate the sin…” through clenched teeth and snarling lips. And bless their hearts, some may geninuely believe they are loving us as their God would, but they don’t like us much. Other folks are just looking for some excuse “holy” or unholy to kick the snot out of

    However, there are some dear Christian folk of the non-snarling ilk who also follow this theological mindset. They really do hope that they are winning us over to Christ. Although, they speak about God’s grace, their gospel has been gutted of any trace of it. Such a bankrupt gospel will always require an appropriate scapegoat to carry the weight of all their projected sins.

    Years past, when I was counseling parents who sought help for their gays kids, they would agonize about loving their children. They were fearful that in loving too much they might be compromising their convictions. Do you hear the struggle?

    Tragically, these same people would often make harsh statements and set unnecessary “boundaries” that caused great harm to their relationships with their kids, but usually not because of any ill-will directed toward their children. Regretfully, in some cases, I was one of those giving out such guidance.

    How can folks be so fearful to love their own kids? A theology founded on fear will always be stingy on love. The more fear…the less love. This is fear in action.

    These parents, like a great many conservative Christians, have experienced far too little of God’s recklessly extravagant love in their own lives to be free to lavish love upon their own young ones much less a bunch of homosexuals they don’t know.

    Grace…love…mercy…compassion truly experienced cannot be contained. It is a sad, sad commentary on Christianity today that so many have only known a God who “loves us, but…”

    Let us not confuse these heartbreaking stories of people who are actually in the same bondage they would lay upon us with those Garrett describes. Frankly, I don’t think “Brother John” or “Brother Fred” even pretends to give the slightest bit of lip-service to loving homosexuals or anyone else for that matter.

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