Happy New Year and Greetings from Cuba

Here is wishing you an excellent 2017

Those of us doing work around LGBTQ rights, climate, and justice issues know we have work ahead. My hope is that we continually have each other’s backs, that we learn more about the needs and desires of our various communities with the many intersecting issues that bind us together and sometimes put us at odds with each other.

I will likely not post anything until mid-January as I will be in Cuba and out of Internet reach. It will be like living in 1985, but with better Spanish skills than I had back then.

Resolutions? Nah!

Typically I do not make New Years’ Resolutions. Instead I write a list of goals I have for the year, some aspirations, and a list of people who I hope I can go deeper with in friendship. I’d love to hear some of your goals and aspirations (and resolutions if you do that sort of thing.) Feel free to leave a comment or contact me through the many social media channels.

If you miss my voice, check out Citizens’ Climate Radio. Great new show dropped on December 26th with some gorgeous poetry by Lilace Mellin Guignard.

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