Happy 2016! Goals & Guidelines for a New Year

After a cross-country train trip with my man, Glen, I am back in my little study in Sunbury, PA.  Shockingly I will be home for two solid months before I head out for a spring tour of New England.


Early morning in Maricopa, AZ after a night on the train, my man Glen keeps warm.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Why disappoint myself? Still there is something about that new year marker that helps me regroup and rethink life and work. On New Years Day I wrote a long letter to myself both reflecting on 2015 and looking ahead to 2016. Wow, so many people have encouraged me in my work as a queer activist and communicator, especially with the new climate change work.

I created some goals and guidelines for myself in the new year.

One huge frustration I have with myself is that I get so little done in the afternoon. I poop out after 1 pm and don’t revive until 5 pm. Then I berate myself for being a lazy slug. After decades of living with myself, I know when I am beat.

A guideline for 2016 is that when I wake up early in the morning to work, I can take the afternoon off to read, watch TV, YouTube, Vine, shop, whatever. Then after dinner I can work for two or three hours (when Glen is usually working prepping for his classes the next day.)

Some goals for 2016 are to blog more regularly, continue my Climate Stew podcast (maybe once a month because of another podcast project I will be part of but cannot announce yet), and eat more of a vegan diet. Oh, and read more for pleasure. Just goals. NOT resolutions.

IMG_3258That’s it. Why disappoint myself? Still I am feeling ambition about 2016. I have projects to complete including a film version of Transfigurations–Transgressing Gender in the Bible. I have the funding in place, the script almost done, and a film crew on order.

I am also ready to finalize The Amazing Adventures of the Afterbirth of Jesus illustrated story I have been working on with Joey Hartman-Dow from Us and We Art. It may sound like a weird story, but it is surprisingly tender and sensitive (and weird too.) If you want a sneak peek, sign-up for my newsletter (see form below.)

It is also time I finish my third draft of a memoir, Waking Up from a Biblically Induced Coma. I feel like I need to tie up these loose ends as I take on more queer climate activism.

And you? What goals, guidelines, and hopes do you have for 2016? And how can I support you? Oh, yeah, that is another important goal I have for 2016. So many people have been encouraging to me and supporting me in my work, and I choose to get more involved and be more encouraging of other people in theirs.

Happy New Years!

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Featured image from the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, AR


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