Grindr Jesus?!?

What If?

I love “what if” scenarios. I once facilitated a weekend retreat for LGBTQ Christians. Instead of the traditional Bible study and discussion groups, I gave them a series of bizarre tasks around sexuality, identity, and faith. They had to create ads sponsored by the church that promoted better sex. I even gave each group specific sex acts to advertise. “This group gets oral sex. This group gets masturbation. This group gets anal play…”

The goal was to break down the walls that fear and shame erected in our lives when it came to the meeting point of faith and sexuality.

What if Jesus was on Grindr?

Perhaps the most provocative activity was when I had them create a Grindr profile for Jesus. Through consensus we had to decide everything from Jesus’ height, weight, and ethnicity to what Jesus wanted on this gay “dating” app. We actually never completed the activity, but it was enough to get people thinking, feeling, and revealing.

In the latest episode of the Bubble&Squeak podcast, I comically revisit this idea through my character Chad. You might remember Chad from the play Doin’ Time in the Homo No Mo Halfway House. He’s very fem and enthusiastic. Good news is he has since come out super gay. In this short radio play I have him hosting a YouTube channel. He experiments with Grindr. Not only does he find out the other gays are super mean, he also encounters Jesus–the real Jesus of Nazareth.

You can hear (and subscribe) to Bubble&Squeak wherever you get podcasts. Or just click on the link below!

Part one: I revisit a story from Episode One, “Is that all you got?” where I was mugged at gunpoint. The mugger had me take off all my clothes. I have so many questions for the mugger in this story.
Part two: YouTuber Chad discovers Jesus of Nazareth’s profile on Grindr.
Part three: A sound slice from an ancient Mexican sacred pyramid, Los Guachimontones


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