Greetings from Saskatoon

Wow, what a great time at the Kairos United Church of Canada Young Adult Conference. I met the most excellent people and got to enjoy walks in the prairie grass here in Western Canada. The sky is so big and the clouds dramatic. At one prayer service I just had to go out and watch the sky.

On Monday I hung out in Saskatoon where we visited every Co-Op Store in search of merchandise from the Canadian TV sit-com Corner Gas. It is set in this province and filled with local humor. I bought a bunny hug (what we would call a hooded sweatshirt) and then sat through a three hour marathon of Season One. Fun stuff.

The participants at the conference came from all over Canada. Amazing people, very welcoming (and very much disliking our president).
I recieved a crash course in Canadian history and more importantly an on-going lesson on famous Canadians in the US. They are proud of their people (although someone suggested that they wanted to trade Celine for Prince).

Here is my favorite Canadian exchange to date.
Canadian: “You watch the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Eh?”
Me: “Yeah, whenever I can”
Canadian: “Yeah, I wish Jon Stewart was a Canadian. That would be good. You know Samantha Bee on the Daily Show. Eh?”
Me: “Yeah she is great!”
Canadian: “You know she is from Canada. Yeah, she’s Canadian, but I don’t like her.”

Today I am back in Saskatoon to get ready for my show here tomorrow night. The temperature is 62 degrees with a moody gray cloudy sky. Perfect book reading weather if you ask me.

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  1. Willie Hewes on August 26, 2005 at 7:04 am

    Canada, eh? Man, you’re all over the place! I never get to go anywhere…. *mope*

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